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I have to set a new network ,i.e Virtual private network , how can i set them ?

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Server, VPN gives you an encrypted tunnel to transfer data , hence giving importance to security.

Offices have their own private networks where they share files or access other resources ,these networks are not available for public users,Hence to allow a remote employee to access the resources in a private network we can use VPNs

To create a VPN,go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

Create new incoming connection as below :

Create a new connection and add users you want to allow access , rest keep same settings.

Next step is to allow port forwarding in your router , add PPTP with port number 1723 

There you go ,you have set a VPN , now get the public ip of your system and connect as below -


After setting up a VPN just connect the same with ip or name as shown below :

Yes , we can create from control panel , Click set up a new connection (VPN)

What is PPTP ?

PPTP stands for Point Tunneling Protocol and it uses a point-to-point protocol to make a direct connection between two nodes or computers

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i can see an option to join a network but not to create in control panel in Windows 7 !
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Hi, VPN helps to the access blocked content(it can be videos, websites, games or whatever) on the Internet.  

I don't know, how to set VPN for PC. But I was using ExpressVPN Extension for Google Chrome. I just added this Extension from Chrome Web Store.image

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