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Hi all,

I have recently installed Epic browser , but now i need to uninstall them,but after installing too its auto installing again.

How to completely uninstall Epic Browser ?
asked Apr 16, 2016 in Computer Science - IT by jiya | 1,185 views

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Visiting the top 50 websites will install over 3,000 tracking files on your computer!

Over 80% of websites use one or more tracking tools

This is the main reason why people prefer Epic Browser.

Your searches are private in Epic. 
When you visit any of the world’s leading search engines in Epic, your searches are automatically routed via proxy to prevent search engines from saving your searches by your IP address.

Some times these browsers can be a bit slow, i personally had the same ,also i could not uninstall them,even after uninstall they auto installed and auto pinned 

To uninstall :

1. Open control panel ,uninstall epic browser

2. Go to "C:\Users\yourPCName\AppData\Local" or location of epic browser and delete the folder

answered Apr 16, 2016 by ppk
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