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What is best , average and worst case of algorithms ?

Why there are important ?
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Every computer program is based on some sequence of steps or plans ,what we say as algorithms.

We can design algorithms for a problem / program in multiple ways , but we cannot assure that every algorithm that we create for a problem will be the best !

While making algorithms we should think of program in a real time scenario where program will consume :

  • Memory
  • Time and other resources of a computer

The conditions in which the resources are least utilized we call them as best case .

For example , if you need to search an item and if the item is available in first index then this ll be best case !

Find some examples of best cases in sort as below : 


Time Complexity:Best

Quick Sort

O(n log(n))

Merge sort

O(n log(n))

Heap sort

O(n log(n))

Smooth sort


Bubble sort


Insertion sort


Selection sort



answered May 9, 2016 by peliant