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Actually there is an answer for cloud computing in our enggforum website itself. But I am a beginner to cloud. It would be better if the answer is simple and explanation is right from basic.
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Have you ever tried , Google Docs ? or Google Slides , Google Forms , Google Forms ?

  • If your answer is a big No - 

then before reading further you should access these products at :


You just need google account to access them.

  • If your answer is Yes ! ..Great ! You know what Cloud Computing is.

Consider we have a large company with servers around the globe. 

There would be several services needed to manage applications and processes that run in that particular company ,which may include :

  • Operating systems
  • Application Services
  • Database Managament Systems
  • Storage Devices
  • Backup Services
  • Datacenter Services
  • DataAnalytics
  • Security services
  • Mobile Applications
  • Traffic monitoring


To get started with all the processes and applications above we would need large infrastructure, hardware and Human resource to manage them , right ?


What if some other companies provide them for you ?

Those companies are Cloud service providers , One such application is Google Docs from Google

You dont have to install Operating System or MS word , just login to Google Doc and find all the resources , these services do need O.S and other services which are provided by remote services hosted online.


In simple words you can define Cloud Computing as :

using remote servers to achieve your tasks rather installing or maintaining them locally.

There are Cloud service providers which :

  • Provide Platform
  • Provide Infrastructure
  • Provide Software


Clouds are accessible from everywhere , just think of real clouds  :)



Hope you got an idea of what cloud computing is !

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Got an idea of basically what a cloud computing is. This will really help me to move further in understanding in detail about cloud computing.
Really a  simple and "the best" answer for a beginner.
Thanks a lot.....:)

Hope this video would help a beginner even more to be clear about cloud.

Try this out friends.

Thank you
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