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Is it a single metal or an alloy of many metals?
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Aircraft design includes several materials ranging from metals and other non metals , Some of the Construction Elements are :

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metal in case of aircraft industry because :

  • They have high strength to weight ratio
  • Also Alloys of Aluminium can increase the hardness and strength

What is an Alloy ?

Alloys = composition of 2 or more metals !

Yes, alloys play a major role in designing aircraft parts.

Magnesium , which has weight 2/3 as of Aluminum is also used in aircraft industry due to :

  • low resistance to corrosion and 
  • light weight
  • Has high strength
  • Good resistance to sea water corrosion
Steel Alloys :
  • High Strength

Non Metals : 

  • Plastics (Reinforced plastics)
  • Carbon Fiber Materials

Fist plane from wright brothers - Wright Flyer used wood from  an evergreen tree - Sitka spruce !

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Aluminum is used to built aeroplane,as because it is light weight and strong metal.

answered Jun 15, 2019 by timir1997