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I have seen QR codes everywhere but how it is generated and what are its uses. Can we scan a QR code with our mobile. Is any separate app required?
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QR codes are very handy ! .. You can encode informations like :

  • URL
  • Messages
  • And small snippet informations
  • Location

QR stands for Quick Response Code

QR codes are is a 2 dimension Barcodes and based on redundancy levels , we have pixels generated for your QR code.

There are several steps involved in Encoding a message in QR code that include :

  • Data Analysis
  • Encoding
  • Error Correction Coding
  • Structure Final Message
  • Module Matrix
  • Data Masking
  • Version Info

Read them in brief here : http://www.thonky.com/qr-code-tutorial/introduction

Example Encoding :


You could try QR generator here :



They were first used in Automobile industry : Denso Wave company introduced them

You just need a camera to read the code , then process using Reed–Solomon error correction method , there are several apps / websites that facilitate you to read the QR code ,

Camera alone cannot decode or encode them , just download an app , Qr code reader

One such website to scan or generate QR code is: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/scan 

For question why they are used is :

Yes,they can accomodate more information and dont require special scanners/readers as like in case of barcode !

Hope you got some idea :)

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Really the best answer.

I tried generating the code and I scanned it by myself by downloading the qr code reader app as you have specified.

I even captured the codes in the products at my home and got the specifications of the product.

Thank you:):)
Good to hear !..