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We hear that the Facebook or watsapp developers get a lot of money. But how do they get? By advertisements or what? May sound as a silly question, but I am eager to know. We use whatsapp by just installing it for free, how do they gain here.
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I use Facebook 

  • I was born in Earth
  • Did my schooling at Mars
  • Went to Saturn for higher studies
  • Got job in Jupiter
  • My hobbies are posting questions,answering , helping friends,programming
  • My friends are from Pluto

Facebook uses all your info's and help companies to place ads based on your interests and hobbies

For example :

If a company wants to pass a message on their next workshop to students from Saturn ,

Facebook will have user interest and details about students from Saturn and you have ads served specifically to them.

These ads are not free,publishers have to pay them !

Above strategy is only one of the several methods adopted by facebook.

Yes mainly they generate via ads.

Dont forget that facebook has acquired other companies like below to add up to their revenue :

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Oculus VR
  • PrivateCore

But wait Whatsapp dont sell you ads !

Why we dont sell ads 

Acquisition and profits at facebook make them easy to pay even ,

Software Engineer ,Avg salary / year = $1,11,864 per year

Approx 7476430.44 INR per year

6,23,035.87 INR / month / employee !


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