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What is the material used in Indian Railway Electric Engine Pantographs and over head electric supply ?


Can anyone with knowledge in EE systems help me out with my question.


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Electric Locomotives have Pantographs which contacts with electric overhead overhead lines.

Voltages used are trains generally are :

  • 1.5kV DC and
  • 25kV AC 

Pantographs have to undergo sever climatic conditions including :
  • 70 degree temperature under sun
  • Heavy rain fall
  • 100% saturation in rainy seasons
Read entire specifications here  (Page 7)

Pantograph contact region is made of :
  • Metallised carbon strips as per RDSO’s  (Research, Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO) - Indian Railway) Specification
Carbon strip development is given here 

Overhead catenary supply wires are made of :
  • Copper or copper alloys (107 mm2 Hard drawn grooved copper (HDGC) )


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