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if i have any doubt in electrical field ieee will explain?

Apart from this how will they fund for our projects?

Why should i necessarily join it ?

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asked Jun 16, 2016 in Electrical by ramy
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IEEE has professionals who continuously innovate and learn.By joining IEEE you become a part of niche professional Engineering community.

  • IEEE members get access to all activities , news letters with latest journals and research resources.
  • IEEE members also avail discounts on various products like insurances.
  • Also IEEE membership adds value to your professional degree and you can avail discounts on various events conducted by IEEE chapters.
  • IEEE members also get funded for their projects !

A joint committee of the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors and the IEEE Life Members Committee reviews the grant applications. 

In a nutshell , IEEE members avail :

1. Products (insurances , books , videos , journals) in a discount

2. Access Technical Magazines and online resources from IEEE

3. Participation in IEEE events (discounts in premium events)

4. You are in a good community of Engineers

5. Grants for your project

More about IEEE @enggforum

answered Jun 16, 2016 by slow_learner