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what is the use of HAM networking?

asked Jul 7, 2016 in Computer Science - IT by deepika
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are you asking about : Broadband-Hamnet ? which was earlier know as : HSMM-Mesh
i don't know the full name of ham network?my professor just ask what is ham that all, that's  why i posted that question,techdoubt

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HAM Mesh Network is network with :

  • High Speed
  • Self Discovering
  • Fault Tolerant

These networks have modified wifi equipments which can run using a charged car battery or  solar power source.

In HAM Mesh Network , connections can be made using nodes for communication.

HAM networks are also used by Amateaur Radio Hobbists.

HAM Mesh Networks can be used as normal network tasks like file sharing and other operations.

HAM also has a meaning : Licensed Amateur Radio Operator.


There is also an organisation : 

"HamWAN" which develops practices for high speed amateur radio data networks

HamWan Network Nodes are shown below :


answered Jul 12, 2016 by techdoubt