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i saw in online course they provide R programming what is that? it advanced for c and c++?

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Before going into R-programming, let us know about S-Programming ! , "S" is a language used for analysing data , S is also a statistical language developed at Bell Labs and its still being evolved.


R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

R-language is an implementation of S-language also R is open source (under GPL)

But where is R used ?

As R has wide functionalities in statistics and graphical techniques , they are used for :

  • linear and nonlinear modeling, 
  • classical statistical tests, 
  • time-series analysis

R runs in machine with OS :
  • Windows
  • Unix like 
  • Mac (no support for mac classic)

R has become the most popular language for data science and an essential tool for Finance and analytics-driven companies such as :
  • Google, 
  • Facebook, and 
  • LinkedIn.

At the same time C is a general purpose language with different syntax that of R language

Reference :

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