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We have different distributions of Linux Operating System , I would like to know main difference of use between two such distributions :

1. CentOs

2. Ubuntu

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CentOs is free distribution of linux . 

CentOs is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

What is RHEL ?

RHEL is a linux distribution developed by Red Hat Enterprises 

RHEL is not free as like CentOs and paid support is available for RHEL.

At the same time Ubuntu is a free distribution of Debian.

What about Debian ?

Debian is a free Operating system with basic programs and has more than 43000 precompiled packages.

If you are going to decide between CentOs and ubuntu for your use , it will depend on :

  • The taks which you would like to achieve
  • You knowledge on linux distributions

In case of ubuntu , it has large set of features as compared with CentOs . Large group of users do use ubuntu for desktop environment but would prefer CentOs for their servers , as CentOs has cPanel support.

In CentOs versions are maintained for over 10 years (long release cycles) , but ubuntu is fast moving with 2 years releases . If you would like to have consistency , go for centOs 

Other Linux distributions include :


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