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I have 2 HTML files named source.html and target.html. source.html contain 1 text box and 1 button now when I click that button the text value should pass from source.html to target.html.kindly give a screen shots if possible
asked May 27, 2015 in Computer Science - IT by gypsiii
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question is unclear..if you would not like to pass values from URL, you can propabally use the javascript cookies to pass the values
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There are several ways to achieve the task :

1) local storage. Save varibale in local storage and use it when in different page
2) Send your data or set your data in the backend DB like MYSQL/ MONGO and refetch it when on another page.
3) If the data is small and you are using a p.roper framework like angular,enyo then you can save it in you model and reuse it on another page.
4) If yours is a SPA and you are just replacing part of the html then you can save you data  inside HTML5 data attribute.

answered May 27, 2015 by ppk
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