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I am creating one system with a artificial neural network and solar cell and with that i can do the same thing than a pyranometer, i sample the values of voltage of solar cell and radiation, i take this data and create the network with Matlab, next i use the network and the arduino toolbox, the arduino is to read the voltage to use the neural network to see if the network is working properly, and the radiation to compare, the problem is the sample time here is bigger and my teacher says that is a problem and because i can't use different sample time do sampling and to use ANN and i don't know why?

asked Sep 6, 2016 in Electro-Communication by asdafsdfsdf
edited Oct 30, 2016 by slow_learner | 193 views
very good query +1
I have some queries regarding your query :
1. Do you get the desired output that you intend to get ?
2. How much is the current sample time ?

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