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How electric energy converted into electromagnetic waves?
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Antenna is also used for conversion of electrical energy to electromagnetic energy..

The ability of antennas to couple electrical signals with free-space electromagnetic radiation is made possible by the fact that accelerating charges radiate electromagnetic energy.  

Antennas, like the simple dipole antenna below, are driven by an oscillating AC current with a frequency corresponding to the frequency of the radiated waves.  This creates a situation where electrons are continuously being accelerated from the top, to the bottom, and back up again.

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Conversion of electric energy into electromagnetic waves can be done by an AC current with a desired freq of waves. Hence by changing the current it results in magnetic field , accelerated electron particles radiate in the form of waves ; Electromagnetic waves.

Reference :

Visible light is an electromagnetic radiation. Other familiar electromagnetic radiations are invisible to the human eye, such as radio waves, infrared light and X-rays.

"electromagnetic radiation consists of electromagnetic waves"

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An antenna can be viewed as just another circuit element, along with the other elements you already know about. Moreover an antenna can be viewed as a transducer - converting voltages and currents to fields. Take a simple dipole antenna for example. The antenna will have a frequency range for which it radiates, you feed your signal (of appropriate frequency) into the antenna, the antenna radiates and generates fields. 

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All you do is produce an alternating current in an antenna, with the desired frequency.The changing current produces a changing magnetic fteld, which produces a changing electric field, which produces a changing magnetic field,

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