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What are the causes of overheating and how does a car on first gear for long runing automobile for long period of time cause overheating and why does that happen

asked Dec 11, 2016 in Mechanical by Safo Kofi | 272 views

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Dear Safo Kofi,

It seems your one question, has more than one queries in them.Please keep them to one at a time,also please do post some research efforts rather simply a question.

Let me answer your question,

Every gear has a speed limit, and vehicle will not speed up like other gears with respect to first gear.

First gear is meant to get start a vehicle from still.

Also accelerating in first gear will lead to:

  • more fuel consumption
  • noise
  • vibrations 

It happens because engine has a specification for each gear to operate,If you exceed them then obviously components will wear out.

Most cases,

Engine has systems to control heat from engine,

For example:

Coolants can keep engines in optimal temperatures,

Keep an eye on coolants and also in oil levels.

answered Dec 12, 2016 by kevin
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