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How Many meters of Wire Winding Wire  is There in One Roll

Few days ago, we received an inquiry which asks that how many meters of copper wire is there in one roll.

Theoretically, it can be caculated by using formula: W(g)=π*d(mm)2 /4*P(g/cm3)*100

W represents 1 meter’s wire’s weitht; D represents wire’s diameter; P represents density of conductor.

First of all, we need to confirm several data--the size of roll, wire’s diameters, the conductor’s material(to confirm the density). The copper’s density is 8.9g/cm3; the aluminum’s density is 2.7g/cm3.

Therefore,W(g)=3.14*0.0404(cm)2 /4*8.9(g/cm3)*100=1.14g;

Length A in one roll(meter)=20000(g)/1.14(g)=17543.86(m)

Length B in one roll(meter)=30000(g)/1.14(g)=26315.79(m)

Take 0.404mm copper wire as an example. Shanghai ZOTO usaually use PT25 roll for this diameter. Normally, the wire’s weith should be 20-30 Kg in one roll. Therefore by caculating one meter Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire weitht, then we can caculate the length if the wire weights 20-30 Kg. You should pay particular attention to the unit conversions.image

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