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Rice Polisher are abrasive machines that use talc or some other very fine dust to buff the outer surface of rice kernels; in Japanese farming communities there is often a shared rice polishing machine. The first fully automated rice polishing machine is believed to have been patented by the English engineer and inventor Sampson Moore in 1861; in the 20th century, kitchen appliances for consumers were created that allowed individual cooks to polish rice in their homes.

Rice production in India crossed the mark of 100 million Metric tons in 2011-12 accounting for 22.81% of global production in that year. The post-harvest processing of paddy (de-husking) is the oldest and the largest agro processing industry of the country. It is a basic process that can be found in local towns and villages across the country. Assam has been ranked 1st in rice production (51 lakh metric ton) with productivity of 1,969 kg per hectare. Approximately, Assam consists of 5,560 rice mills which include 1,363 modern and remaining traditional mills. In traditional rice mill, at a time minimum 4-5 workers are required to monitor and control all the operations. Therefore, a large number of workers are employed in the rice milling industry in Assam, India.

The basic concept of 'huller rubber roll' is the process of peel bran (husk) using frictional forces that occur between rice and rubber roll. When un-hulled rice through the gap between the rubber roll, on the one hand will be restrained due to friction with the auxiliary roll and on the other hand will be pushed due to friction with the main roll. Because the distance between the two rollers arranged around 0.5-0.8 mm or smaller than the thickness of the un-hulled rice grain, then the friction that occurs will be stronger than the resilience husk itself. The condition causes the husk to be separated from brown rice.

Paddy separator is a very high sorting performance and an easy maintenance design. All varieties of rice such as long grain, medium grain and short grain can be sorted easily and accurately. It separates a mixture of paddy and brown rice into three distinct classes: paddy, mixture of paddy and brown rice and brown rice, to be sent to a husker, back to the paddy separator and to a rice whitener, respectively.

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