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What is CAID and how it is different from CAD?

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CAID is abreviation for Computer-aided industrial design and it is basically an application software used for  designing industrial processes. 

It helps to enhance the  efficiency of design changes, testing and optimizations. 

Many people think that CAD and CAID are similar, but there is difference in between them. CAID is a artistic concept while CAD is technical concept. 

CAD serves as midpoint between artistic CAID designs and the final product. 
answered Apr 14 by ramakrishnan
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What is CAID :

Computer-aided industrial design (CAID) is simply the use of computerized software in the industrial design process. As opposed to traditional manual drafting, CAID is an automated process that greatly increases the efficiency of design alterations

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CAE  is a process of  used by the electronic design automation (EDA) industry for the use of computers to design, analyze, and manufacture products and processes.

CAE is an important tool. 

answered Oct 18 by jhanvisharma
But question is CAID know!