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If like a four stroke engine instead of fuel injection If I use a solenoid to run a piston continuously with a Battery(Magnetising the piston to go to TDC and mechanical or opposite solenoid to go to BDC) what problem should it face?

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asked Apr 21, 2018 in Mechanical by Tahmid Khan | 183 views
It is possible but in turn that would make our engine inefficient and expensive one.

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Sounds logical...let's analyse it .

In an ic engine the fuel that burns genrates kinetic energy enough to compress the air fuel mixture for the next cycle and generate electrical power with an alternator to charge the battery and operate the spark generation units and drive the load. 

But in the case of a solenoid the electrical power is converted into mechanical energy with a coil attracting a solenoid in a moving iron system or attracting or repelling a Magnet moving in an electromagnetic field to create motion .

This force of attraction or repulsion could be connected with a cam assembly to create rotational motion and a timing circuitry be used to energize the coils.

All the energy for the solenoid is electrical and should be provided by the electrical circuit to create the rotational motion. And there is no additional source of energy in the equation. 

The more energy Efficient conversion would be a simple electric motor. Hence the system would be inefficient considering friction in the electromechanical system. 

answered May 30, 2018 by Simon