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static and dynamic loads on wheels in motorcycle and its effect ?

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Static loads

A static load is one that does not change in magnitude or direction. This is a load at rest—fixed and stationary. An example would be a shelving unit stocked with products in a storage area. The shelving unit is not moving, and the load is not changing at any given rate. As shown in the graph to the right, static loads remain constant, regardless of time.

Graph showing load vs time in static loads

Dynamic loads

A dynamic load is a load that changes either in direction or magnitude, or both. It is a moving load that is never stagnant. An example of this is a bus moving along a bus route. It's in constant motion and the load is changing with the passengers getting on or off the bus at each stop. As shown in the graph to the right, dynamic loads are always changing with time.



Graph showing load vs time in dynamic loads

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Thanks for the reply. Very nice explanation.