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What are advantages of 3D printing over conventional manufacturing ?

asked Apr 25 in Mechanical by ramakrishnan | 78 views

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Yes there are advantages of 3D printing over conventional methods. 


3D printers are very helpful for rapid prototype designing in a cost effective manner. 

Less wastage, no advanced training required for making products using 3D printers. 

answered Apr 25 by ppk
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3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the process of using specialized equipment to assemble, via a computer and a 3D model, an object layer by layer. It has some unique and interesting advantages over traditional manufacturing.

answered 3 days ago by petronext
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The cost of prototype production comes out cheaper, that's the biggest advantage. The downside is that you can not do large-scale production of prototype because it does not pay.

answered Oct 21 by nuneswagner
But in coming days 3D printing will be definitely used for mass production as well.. Compnies are working on the same..