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What is scope of piping engineering for a mechanical engineer ?

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Mechanical Engineering has vast scope in countless industries. Piping Engineering is nothing but learning skills and tech behind, transporting fluids from one point to another! 

Yes there is demand for profiles which has good grasp in piping engineering. Further we have trades / departments within Piping engineering which include:

  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of piping construction

Industries mainly Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Chemical etc has requirements for Piping designers. We have opportunities not only for Mechanical Engineering students but also for Chemical, Electrical and other depts.

When it comes to salary, please find snapshot of salary (India, Apr 2018):


salary (UAE, April 2018):


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Why Mechanical Engineers Must Opt for Piping Engineering?

What are your plans after completing mechanical engineering? 

Are you waiting for campus interviews or planning to move abroad for further studies? You need to understand that as a mechanical engineer you might definitely have particular strengths and weaknesses. Some of you might be great in marketing, or some of you might have strong research and development skills.

Hence it is imperative that do a SWOT analysis before making the most significant decision of your life.

Wondering what you could for? One of the fields that mechanical engineers could look into is - Piping Design or Engineering.

Piping design is an ideal career option for Mechanical engineers. If you love designing, have good IQ, imagination, knowledge and inquisitiveness to learn, piping engineering is meant for you.

 1.     Basic Piping Design comprises of (API, ASME, ASTM, ANSI Codes, Autocad, Microstation)

2.     3D Modelling in Piping Engineering comprises of (PDMS, SP3D etc.)

3.     Stress Analysis comprises of (CAESAR-II)

You would take approximately 3 to 6 months to acquire piping design skills. Once your course is done, you could apply for your dream jobs. 

Remember, like any other field you would need at least ten years of experience to become a full-blown piping engineer. 

In this period, you could work and gain experience with different EPC companies in Oil and gas, power, infrastructure etc.

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Piping Engineering has great scope in India. Piping Engineering is a specialized engineering discipline that deals with the planning and layout of a robust piping system with an aim to effectively transport fluids, such as liquids and gases, from one point to the other within a process plant or a commercial building.

Owing to the fact that pipes are quite elementary to our day-to-day needs and to industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Chemical etc., there is always a need for trained and skilled Piping Engineers who can support the design, implementation and maintenance of complex and large-scale piping systems for these industries.

 Moreover, with increasing modernisation and industrial growth, the Piping Industry is also poised for greater heights which will result in more employment opportunities for Mechanical Engineers who are trained in this high potential domain.

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The scope of Piping Engineering is very good despite the current scenario in petroleum price fluctuation, which is expected to get stabilized by 2020. More importantly, design engineering in piping is having huge scope with very little competition in skill and experience-wise. Keep your focus on design engineering and update yourself with the latest in the field and you will be best served in the industry.

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