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What's the Advantages of Enameled Copper Wire?

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Following are some advantages of Enameled Copper Wire

 A) Stable quality, high-immaculateness copper conveyor embraced. 

B) The most aggressive cost for your market. 

C) Professional innovation bolster and convenient after-deal benefit. 

D) Free example accessible for your test. 

E) Special detail can be tweaked, OEM is likewise acknowledged. 

F) Fast Delivery, 12-15 days for one 20GP compartment's stacking. 

G) Elantas protection accessible. 

H) Diameter run from 0.18mm to 6.50mm, warm class from 130 to 220. 

I) Longer quality assurance period, any quality issue we will make up for your misfortune.

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Enamel wire is an excellent insulation material for copper wires because of its high . breakdown potential, its high electrical resistance, its slight absorption of water, its unusual thinness and its good mechanical and chemical properties. In this article details are given about these properties of enamel wire.

Copper has better conductivity than aluminium, so its heat losses are lower. Making connections to a cooper winding is easier than doing it to an aluminium winding wire. On turn aluminium is lighter that cooper and its heat capacity is about three times the one of copper, this allowing aluminium to withstand better current overloads.

These enamelled copper wire wires have an outer layer of bond able material which is usually thermoplastic and bonds the wires surfaces with each other once heated to the bonding temperature of the outer layer.

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Enamelled wire is a fundamental part of a winding in every electrical machine or apparatus. Compared to fibrous insulations, enamelled copper & aluminium wire offers a favourable space saving factor together with a high level of breakdown voltage.

Advantage of Enamelled wire:

  • Size
  • Conductivity
  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Light in Weight
answered Dec 10, 2018 by shindepranu
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Enameled copper wire is popularly called magnet wire because these wires are coated with an insulation layer.

1. The enamelled copper wire finds extensive use in the making of motors, inductor, hard-disk head actuators, and a variety of applications which demand tight coiling of insulated wires.

2. Both aluminum and copper wires may be enameled when used for machines like transformers and motors.

3. This insulation is provided with a thin varnish layer which is referred to as the enamel.

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