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I don't know about it.image

asked Aug 26, 2018 in Computer Science - IT by Nikhil Rajput | 98 views

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Well,  game development does require basic programming skills. You have added c# tag in your question, yes we can use c# to develop game from scratch using unity or other game engines. Even we can use other programming language like python or Java to develop. 

Once you start developing your own game, you will not worry about language you are using! All the best

answered Aug 26, 2018 by ppk
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Thank you for giving me information like this
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As we know that c is the best launguage,and this is also used in many things like coding ,when the question comes to c coding is required or not this is requried we can make games using html and python but as to me c is the best launguage.

answered Jan 31 by anonymous
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The answer is yes,you can make games without using c language.there are lots of game engines in market . eg. Unity 3d, unreal, build box like this.

You have to learn c# or JavaScript to create games in unity engine and c++ language for unreal engine. if you don't want to learn any programming language then Buildbox is best game engine for hypercasual games nowadays..

answered Feb 1 by Vikramaditya