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We have two 8" & 12" crude oil pipeline (say L1 and L2 line) which were recently commissioned (around 1-1.5 year back) length of these pipeline are 14.9 and 16.3 KM respectively. 

L1 travel from a manned installation (a GGS) to an unmanned pipe station kind of installation and than crude is further pumped from L2 line to another Tank farm installation. 

Both valve station as well as CTF don't have any crude filteration facilities although both lines have permanent pig launcher and reciever. Plus neither installation have any facility to handle sludge or spare tanks to handle any wax or such material. 

We have never done any pigging of any pipelines so it will be our first attempt to do it. Suggestions/advise/help please :) 

asked Oct 18, 2018 in Chemical Engineering by Kartikey Soni | 325 views
Looking like a large scale project OMG.. Also, question seems to be a broader one to answer by piping expert

I hope you were not sarcastic :) . But not having any experience it is difficult to convince people around to do the pigging of these lines and hence I need to have a foolproof plan to put up before I can get approval for this pigging. And question is pretty straight forward. What are the possible troubles to be prepared for, resources required and advise like that. Thanks in advance.

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Crucial points to keep in mind :


1.     Pigs that plug a pipeline and cause a blockage;

2. Build-up of wax in front of pigs causing a wax plug;

3. Unintentional bypass leading to a stuck pig with product flowing past it;

4. Jack-knifing of dual module pig;

5. Excessive wear leading to failure of seals and drive;

6. Mechanical damage;

7. Failure due to the environment, material selection;

8. Other failures that do not fall into the categories above.


answered Oct 19, 2018 by random pigger
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This work aims to develop a pigging model for wax removal in pipelines. A unique experimental facility was designed and constructed for simulating pigging operation for wax removal in pipelines. 

answered Mar 4, 2019 by petronext