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Copper acetate is manufactured by a Copper Acetate Manufacturers(WSDTY).Copper(II) acetate, also referred to as cupric acetate, The hydrated derivative, which contains one molecule of water for each Cu atom, is available commercially. Anhydrous Cu(OAc)2 is a dark green crystalline solid, whereas Cu2(OAc)4(H2O)2 is more bluish-green. used as antifungicides and green pigments. Today, copper acetates are used as reagents for the synthesis of various inorganic and organic compounds

Technical details of Copper Acetate have:C A S No. 142-71-2, Molecular Formula : Cu(CH3COO)2, Appearance: Dark Green Crystalline, They are soluble is alcohol, ether and glycerol, They are non-flammable.

USES of Copper Acetate have:Copper(II) acetate are plentiful as a catalyst or oxidizing agent in organic syntheses.Copper acetates of some form have been used as fungicides and green pigments,Copper acetates are used as reagents for the synthesis of various inorganic and organic compounds.

We are specialized in producing cuprous chloride, basic copper carbonate, copper acetate, copper oxide, copper sulfate. Our company has established a perfect quality assurance system, quality inspection and testing equipment, testing, testing and technology development strength, to ensure the stability of product quality, fully able to meet the pre-market after-sales service to provide users with the need. To provide users with quality products and services is the consistent aim of our plant. I sincerely look forward to plant the development and promotion of new and old customers and friendly exchanges.

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