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I have two questions related to smartphone screens

1. I have already heard about Gorilla Glasses.Are there other glasses too for mobile,and whats so special in Gorilla Glasses?

Secondly ,

What are the different screen protectors for android screen which is best i can use for my mobile ?



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After a long time research scientists at  Corning came up with Gorilla Glass.Corning makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, telecommunications, mobile emissions control, and life sciences.

Devices that use gorilla glass is shown here.

Features of Gorilla glasses :

• Enhanced retained strength after use
• High resistance to scratch and sharp contact damage
• Improved drop performance
• Superior surface quality

• Ideal protective cover for electronic displays in:
 - Smartphones
 - Laptop and tablet computer screens
 - Mobile devices
• Touchscreen devices
• Optical components
• High strength glass articles

Alternatives ?

GT Advanced Technologies, is one firm that operates the production of the sapphire crystalline glass thinner even than today's iteration of Gorilla Glass.

While there is a competitor for gorilla glasses,its an early time to find the best in the lot.

Screen protectors :

A screen protector is an additional sheet of material—commonly polyurethane or glass—that can be attached to a screen of an electronic device and protect it against physical damage.(wikipedia)

There are three varieties - PET film, TPU (polyreuthane), and our undisputed favorite - tempered glass. And then there are two methods to get them on your display – dry and wet. 

PET (polyethylene terephthalate):
If you have a cheaper or older phone, or you're fine with the most basic and affordable screen protection, get a PET protector. The manufacturer doesn't really matter, but if you have a soft spot for a particular brand, there's no reason not to go with theirs. Chances are that protectors from established brands will be better cut-out for your device and won't leave loose edges that can catch on to your clothes and peel the protector away.

TPU (thermoplastic polyreuthane)
If you are willing to pay a slightly higher price, a TPU protector is, logically, better choice than PET film. At the very least, it's going to provide better impact protection (although you shouldn't be pushing your chances).

tempered glass protectors are the most expensive kind. Most renowned brands can charge up to $40 for their products. And although that's money well spent if you are rocking an expensive flagship smartphone, excellent tempered glass protectors can be found for less than $15 online.

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