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I am designing an electro-pneumatic robot for pick and place. 

There are 5 axis in the robot, x and y axis is electrical belt driven by stepper motor, Z axis contains three components pneumatic rodless actuator, rotary actuator, parallel gripper .


In which software it will be helpful for me to see the results, and have to understand the theoretical calculation also for interpreting the software results

asked Dec 25, 2018 in Mechanical by Madesh Tipton
edited Dec 26, 2018 by ppk | 84 views
Question unclear for me; Do you want to model the same structure in software before building the same ?
Also if you post some efforts from your end it would be cool :)
I have already built up this robot. Now i have to reconfirm the calculation from some other method. so now i have the model in my hand, i need to analysis from the some software to interpret my results
Thats really great.. Could you please edit question and add a photo of your robo as well.. Eager to see that !

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