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In our one of the refinery, existing tank to be used for keeping ethanol. As moisture is a bad actor for ethanol and need to be maintain its storage free from any moisture particulates. Existing tank in other service is having a breathing system in the form of goose neck. 

Whomsoever is having the experience of storing of ethanol in fixed -cum floating roof tank , please share the breathing system to be follows while storing the ethanol and to make it free from external moisture during emptying out.

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Is any other chemical blended with ethanol to be stored?
There should be valves designed to maintain the pressure inside tanks.

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There are Six basic tank designs are used for organic liquid storage vessels: fixed roof (vertical and horizontal), external floating roof, domed external (or covered) floating roof, internal floating roof, variable vapor space, and pressure (low and high). 


There should be valves designed to maintain the pressure inside tanks.Specially designed pressure/vacuum vent valves should be provided to protect the tank against overpressure or vacuum conditions. Safety should be a primary concern when selecting a storage tank vent system for a specific application. In production operations, this normally means that a safe way of handling vapors that evolve from the liquid must be designed into the system, and air must be excluded from entering the tank and mixing with hydrocarbon in the vapor space. Read more at petro wiki

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