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I have no idea about data science.

And I did not get any idea about it on Google also

Please let me know about it

And please tell me how to learn it

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{What Is The Data Science?How Can We Learn It Easily?What Are The Scopes Of Data Science?} --> I got answer from google, just pasted this search :)
No sir
Its my own question and I have not pasted it from anywhere.
Not question , but got answer from google ;as you mentioned you didnt get idea from google
Sir it is not clear to me because it have clarified from basic
Ok @yashch786 no problem; i will try to answer that :)
Yes sir please...

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Let me answer your Questions; First we have to find "What is Data Science ?"

In search of this answer, first i started with some of the online course websites which provide Course on Data Sciences.

What i came to know was :

Data Science is a blend / combination or interdisciplinary field which uses different Algorithms, Tools, Programs, Languages or even Machine Learning Techniques to get insights or detailed reports from raw data.

Hope now you got a basic idea, Next let me put-forth a simple example to make things much clear.

When you are buying a mobile phone, Flipkart will match and compare for you exact mobile case or a screen protector – an example of content-based filtering. 

Some of the Other Implementation include :

  1. Product discovery along with personalization and intent modeling,
  2. Demand shaping and planning,
  3. Heterogeneous networks for consumer, product & seller interactions,
  4. Customer insights, 
  5. Catalog enhancement and product insights,
  6. Customer emotion detection and right response matching,
  7. Fulfillment automation,
  8. Optimization of last mile delivery,
  9. Self-healing systems,

There is a huge scope for Data Science in coming years, every company has a Data Analyst.


Nowadays there are tons website which offer courses to learn Data Science, NPTEL too has one;
[ Introduction to Data Analytics - Balaraman Ravindran | Computer Science and Engineering & Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI,Indian Institute of Technology Madras; offered jointly with Prof. Nandan Sudarsanam) ]


One more important thing !; There are some crucial terms that you have to Master before jumping into Data Science Ocean.

Machine Learning, Python (Programming Language), R, Statistics, SQL, Apache Spark, Deep Learning, LaTeX, Tableau, Statistical Modeling, Hadoop, Big Data, SAS, Data Visualization, Algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Predictive Modeling

Thank you for reading this post.

answered Feb 1, 2019 by ppk