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range() and xrange() are two functions that could be used to iterate a certain number of times in for loops in Python. ... xrange() – This function returns the generator object that can be used to display numbers only by looping. Only particular range is displayed on demand and hence called “lazy evaluation“.

Good applications and user interfaces are all about feedback. If the user does not get enough feedback they will probably end up hating the application. Flask provides a really simple way to give feedback to a user with the flashing system. The flashing system basically makes it possible to record a message at the end of a request and access it next request and only next request. This is usually combined with a layout template that does this. Note that browsers and sometimes web servers enforce a limit on cookie sizes. This means that flashing messages that are too large for session cookies causes message flashing to fail silently.

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xrange() is a function used to iterate through a dataset.

flask is a micro web development frame work used to develop to develop user interface.

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