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Here it is mentioned brushless Motor what exactly is the advantage of it and how does it affect the cost ?

asked Feb 21, 2019 in Electrical by Sahil
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Where is it mentioned? Question unclear..
sorry might be technical error ,I have attached the required details
Okay.. Now it seems clear :).

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Answer is available in yourQuestion itself :) Please read details in following image :


Product Category : AC Motors 
Performance SpecificationsShaft 
Speed 2000 to 4000 rpm 
Continuous Current 8.7 amps 
Continuous Torque 168 In-lbs (194 kg-cm) 
Output Power 5.36 HP 
Rotor Inertia 5.08 oz-in-sec² (35.9 kg-cm²) 
Motor Type 
AC Construction AC Servo
Shaft Orientation In-line;  Single-ended 
Gearing Options
Gearing Motor Only (No Gearhead) 
Housing / Enclosure
Other Specifications
Feedback Integral Encoder; 
Integral Resolver (optional feature) 
Features Brake (optional feature) 
Environment Operating Temperature 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C) Environment Totally Enclosed

answered Feb 22, 2019 by jiya