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Although, The Structures Have been Designed By the Working Stress Method, But Still How Were The Ancient Civilization Able To Execute the Process In such a Beautiful and organized Manner.
Recently, I Visited Some Of The Marvels Of ancient History Which Caught my Eye, Like The Jama Masjid, Constructed Using Stone work, Strong enough, Beared Many Earthquakes Till Date, And A high rise.
The Another One Was that of Fatehpur Sikhri fort in Agra, Which Was Altogether A Stone Work, I could See Stone Columns, Beams, roofs , Domes and the Foundations. Apart From being strong, The precision Of The Work has been Marvellously achieved.
The Last One Is The Wonder, Taj Mahal, which again is The Example of a mega marble Structure which has been Constructed In ancient time.
The Four Pillars Have been Said to vibrate in motion during the Earthquake, which as per my technical Knowledge Releases Its Strain Energy Thus, Keeping The Structures Safe.

As A Structural Engineer, Who Is Persuing Masters, I am Very Much Bothered About The Historical Development Of Civil Engineering Which has Achieved Wonders In day to day world.
But there Is very less Being explained about the historic development.

Thanking you
asked Feb 25, 2019 in Civil Engineering by Basit_afaq | 21 views

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