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If we sell cement sand and aggregates together per kg as per required mix design by maintaining moisture constructions will takes place faster as directly we can add water to the mixture and make concrete for construction work. 

asked Feb 27 in Civil Engineering by Yeswanth
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As per requirement we design the concrete mix.

If the cement & sand is pack together it is taken  as nominal mix  so we are not satisfying our requirements.

answered Feb 28 by Md.zeshaan ali
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1. We mix the cement and sand as per the requirement of particular work.

2.The properties of sand changes with change in temperature like it becomes cold at night and warm at day time this will affect the cement strength in case of premixed.

3. It will be costly as the transportation charges based on per bags.

answered Feb 28 by Shrihimans
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If we mix design is particular ratio of cement and sand then we sell by combination. But as per Code of practices we have different ratioes of cement and sand in calculation.  thats why we don't sell by combination

answered Mar 11 by Lavanya Katta