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Cement properties and strength of cement.

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Tricalcium aluminate is responsible for initial setting of cement

answered Feb 28 by Saliha
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Gypsum is act a role as a intiatour to harden the concrete mix.
2.5 percentage of gypsum is added to cement.
answered Feb 28 by Md.zeshaan ali
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Gypsum is the material which gives strength to cement

answered Feb 28 by Saliha
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Di-calcium silicate compound is responsible for final strength but it react properly after 7days

answered Feb 28 by Rohit bhardwaj
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    The CSH (Calcium silicate Hydrates) has a short networked fiber structure which contributes greatly to the initial strength of the cement glue. 
answered Feb 28 by Shrihimans
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Tricalcuim silicate 

answered Mar 2 by abbufazzal