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What is the differences Or Compare the Coarse Aggregate and Fine Aggregate 

in the Cement Properties

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In concrete the fine aggrigates are used to fill the voids.and course aggregates are used for strenght in concrete.

Fine aggregates range is from 10mm to 80mm

Course aggregates range is from 90micron to 4.75 mm

answered Mar 3 by Md zeshaan ali
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Fine aggregates are materials which can be passed through BIS test sieve no. 480. Mostly the sand is used as fine aggregate or else the crushed stones are used as fine aggregates. They fill the empty space in concrete. 

Coarse aggregates are those which cannot pass through BIS test sieve no. 480. Usually broken stones are used as coarse aggregates. They provide stability and strength to concrete. 

answered Mar 3 by Aleesha
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Coarse aggregate are the aggregate which are larger-sized particles. Where as fine aggregate are small size particles

answered Mar 5 by Saliha Shaik
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Size of an aggregate is the main difference between coarse and fine aggregate.

The building materials which are small in size ex: sand is known as a coarse aggregate.

The building material which are large in size compared to coarse aggregate ex:crushed gravel stone.

answered Mar 6 by Kamalesh G
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The main difference is as per IS codes,  coarse aggregates which are greater than size 4.75 mm and the fine aggregate size is less than 4.75 mm . 

answered Mar 7 by Lavanya Katta