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Sql is a main backend program for java, so I am not that well versed in sql, if someone could give me some links or materials for self learning sql right from basic.
asked Jul 16, 2015 in Computer Science - IT by T.PRATHIBA
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SQL(Structured Query Language) is a standard language for accessing databases.

There are numerous online sites which provide tutorials , pdf for downloads.

It is wonderful that you have taken first step towards SQL.Its pretty easy and you will learn them quickly.

As suggestions for online websites i would not recommend other sites and create a war.But rather would suggest you this website and you can take further.


answered Jul 17, 2015 by slow_learner
selected Jul 17, 2015 by T.PRATHIBA
Thanks a lot , I saw the link it was  really  useful and I could understand it by myself. But however if I have some doubts I would post  it in our website to clarify with it.