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The cement consistency test we have to know the consistency range of cement

asked Mar 16, 2019 in Civil Engineering by Lavanya Katta | 511 views

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The consistency meaning in the cement consistency test is how much amount of water is added to the cement. For that test we find the water percentage added to cement. The penetration ranges will come based on the water added to the cement. The consistency test mainly based on how much amount of water we added to cement. For particular amount of adding water what is the strength, workability, penetration etc properties we find. So , "consistency" means how much amount of water added to the cement. 

answered Mar 20, 2019 by Lavanya Katta
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The standard consistency of a cement paste is defined as that consistency which will permit the vicat plunger to penetrate to a point 5 to 7mm from the bottom of the vicat mould. 

answered Mar 16, 2019 by Syed Saif Ali
I am just aking the meaning of consistency in cement test... The ranges is not answer for this question
Without penetration,the consistency of test won't give results. As we can see without ranges there won't be any consistency test in the given consistency cement
Your ranges are right ... But the question is different... first you understand the question clearly... I am aking the meaning of consistency
Consistency is nothing but the consistent behaviour or treatment like a degree of firmness, density, viscosity,measurements etc...