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It is based on RCC slab design.

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  • In a beam for longitudinal reinforcing bar concrete cover should be less than 30 mm or not less than the bar diameter.
  • In a column for longitudinal steel reinforcement should not be less than 40 mm or not less than such bar diameter. In the situation when the column dimension is 200 mm or under, which steel reinforcements don't exceed 12 mm, 25 mm concrete cover for reinforcement should be provided.
  • In a slab for compressive shear, tensile or other reinforcements concrete cover should not be less than 15 mm or not less than such bar diameter.
  • For the structural member where the placing of concrete is directly against the ground (footing), cover for bottom reinforcement should be 75 mm. In the situation where concrete is poured in a layer of lean concrete cover, 50 mm may be adopted.
answered Oct 19, 2020 by Jitendra45
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