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the transformer is static device which convert the electricity transfer without changing the frequency which get using only ac current. which convert ac to ac current transformation.

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Transformer is a instrument which is step up and step down voltage at constant frequency and as we know DC current has no frequency so we can not use DC current to direct transformer.

answered Jun 15 by DarshanEl19
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When an ac current passes through the conductor,electromagnetic flux  changes and due to the change in flux emf gets induced and due to the emf , current gets induced in n the transformer.so that is why ac is used instead of dc

answered Jun 15 by timir1997
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 A transformer induces an emf (Electromagnetic force) in the secondary side when a voltage is applied to the primary side of the transformer.  An emf is produced when there is the production of flux. Flux being one of the major reason for generation of emf is caused due to an alternating voltage supply. Hence an AC voltage source is used to supply voltage in a transformer.
We can also use pulsating DC but the losses produced would be high.image  

answered Jun 15 by Rachit
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1. When we supply DC to transformers, no magnetic flux will produce and hence no emf induced in secondary on other hand when we supply AC to transformer it produce magnetic flux and induced emf in it by Faraday's law.

2. As we know that DC supply has not frequency and transformers work on constant frequency hence AC is used in transformers.

3. DC supply contains only resistance and transformer contains resistance of low value due to which current is flow through resistance and burn windings of primary but AC contain resistance and reactance.

answered Jun 15 by Shubham vaidya
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Transformer is a static device and the emf is induced in it by the application of changing magnetic field which is produced by an AC source and not by a DC source as per Electromagnetic induction.
Hence we use an AC source instead of a DC source in transformer.
answered Jun 17 by anonymous