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Missing in question :
1. does that show a blue screen like this : http://www.enggforum.com//?qa=15/how-to-resolve-blue-screen-errors-windows-operating-systems&show=15#q15  and restarts ?
2. System Configuration ?
3.At what scenario / software / application start does computer crashes ?

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From the issues that you have quoted its obvious that computer is running in a low configuration.Some Softwares require minimum configuration to execute.The system may be lacking basic requirements and eventually it crashes.

At the same time you could delay the restarts by :

 "Start" -> "Computer" --> right click on "Properties", and then tap "Advanced system settings".

In the advanced options of the system context menu, click on "Settings" for Startup and Recovery.

In Startup and Recovery, uncheck the "Automatically restart" for system failure. Click "OK" after unchecking the checkbox. 

answered Sep 10, 2015 by slow_learner