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I could find the advantage of k.online being integration with Mozilla BackPacks ,What are they ?
asked Sep 18, 2015 in Computer Science - IT by techdoubt | 95 views

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Earn badges from anywhere. Then take them everywhere.

Mozilla Backpack makes it easy to earn badges from multiple sources, both online and offline, then sort them into categories and choose where they’re shared, through a single interface.

Badges stored in your Backpack are private by default, meaning they are visible only to you - unless you want to show them off! By managing your badges in your Mozilla Backpack, you can create meaningful collections and display your badges on social networking and job sites.

So if you earn badges at k.online you can save at Mozilla Backpacks and also attach with your resumes as well

answered Sep 18, 2015 by slow_learner
selected Sep 18, 2015 by techdoubt