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"Elastomeric" sounds similar to "Elastomer" - a polymer with eleasticity.

Elastomeric bearings are generally made of rubber(vulcanised) blocks reinforced with steel plates.

These bearings support horizontal bridge structure with piers attached.

They withstand :

  • Transmission of forces ,i.e normal and horizontal.
  • And also horizontal movements

Elastomeric bearings protects from expansion of bridges due to negative effects like temperature and wind etc.

  • Contractions are absorbed by bearing pads
Elastomeric bearings have :
  • low initial cost
  • low maintenance 
  • also can withstand wide movements
Based on material used , these bearings can be classified like :
  • Chloroprene rubber bearings 
  • Natural rubber bearings
  • Butyl rubber ...etc


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Elastomeric bridge bearing are a commonly used modern bridge bearing. There are several different similar types of bridge bearings that include neoprene bearing pads, neoprene bridge bearings
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