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I wonder material used for overhead wires used in electrical transmission ,what type of material is that ? Does that have any loss while transmission?
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The overhead transmission lines generally consists of Aluminium or Composite materials such as carbon and glass fiber.

Also we have International Standards for overhead lines :

The international standards covering most conductor types for overhead lines are IEC 61089  and EN 50182 and 50183.

IEC 61089 Round wire concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors Supersedes IEC 207 (AAC), 208 (AAAC), 209 (ACSR) and 210 (AACSR)
EN 50182 Conductor for overhead lines: round wire concentric lay stranded conductor Supersedes IEC 61089 for European use. BSEN 50182 identical
EN 50183 Conductor for overhead lines: aluminium–magnesium–silicon alloy wires  
BS 183 Specification for general purpose galvanized steel wire strand For earth wire
BS 7884 Specification for copper and copper–cadmium conductors for overhead systems

Even though copper based lines have a good corrosion resistance , Aluminium based lines are used since they are cost effective.

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