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Petrol engines are the best because  low maintanence cost when compaared to diesel engines and it does not make vibrations it will go very smooth.  Only disadvntage is there will be less mileage when compared to the diesel engines.. So the best is petrol engines..!!!


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The petrol engines are only prefarabble for the city ride and not the diesel engines bcoz diesels are best for long distance travelling only and not for the city rides.

Mainly in diesel engines the problem is #maintenance it also costs my friend. and it will be a headache to u.

But in petrol engines there is less maintencance cost and its affordable boss...

So therefore petrol engines are preferred than the diesel cars..~!!!!
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What does that mean by low vibration ? mileage is a big concern :)
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Well as advantages of Petrol Engine over Diesel engine can be summed up by..

1. As we go from lighter to heavier oil like petrol, diesel and then kerosene the more the un-burned remaining. So it can be inferred that petrol engines are more efficient and less wastage of fuel.

2. For the reason stated in point 1, petrol engine causes less pollution than that of diesel engine.

3. The engine vibration is high so as a whole the car vibration is high for a diesel engine. So for a same class of car petrol engine will provide you a more comfortable journey.

4. Despite the mileage issue and cost of fuel, compared to diesel engine cars, petrol engine cars are cheap in price.
answered Dec 17, 2015 by Arka
good explanation +1..
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Actually your question should be reversed. :)

People generally ask the reverse question.

Diesel cars are good for those who have long distance commuting on daily basis. Diesel engines give better fuel consumption and deliver better torque. This means diesel engines make everyday driving cheaper and an easy experience. Moreover, diesel cars have run far more miles than the petrol ones before they ask for any maintenance, i.e. running life of diesel engines is much better than petrol engines.

Finally, as a fuel, diesel is cheaper than petrol in India. Even in other countries, we see that the litre price of diesel is significantly cheaper than the petrol’s price.

If you ask why some people still prefer petrol car would be price of car,evethough price of diesel is lesser than petrol,diesel engine cars cost more than their petrol variants.

diesel vs petrol calculator : http://aravindavk.in/diesel-vs-petrol-car/

answered Oct 13, 2015 by ppk
diesel causes much pollution issues than petrol !