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Is it safe browsing at unknown internet cafe?
How can I ensure that my browsing details and other credentials are safe.
asked Oct 18, 2015 in Computer Science - IT by gypsiii
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initially all internet cafe is not safe never use .

second if there was no way and need you 100 percent use from internet check these steps

first of all restart the system.

check the firewall and setting and active firewall.

1. software key logger

2.Hardware key logger

3. browser saving password

4.spy software

5.check task manager

6.use keyboard on screen

7.in browser use new incognito tab

8.use proxy

9.check which software is running on the system.

10. delete your history

11. delete your cookie and cache

12. when you went out just change your password.
answered Oct 18, 2015 by mohammad_younus
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  • First of all u have to know whether the site contains the url which is safe. For example: "https" it means the safest site and it will protect your browsing and "http" means that cannot be ensured boss.  So Please check the url..!!!
  • inexperienced users click on links without analyzing the risks they expose themselves to.
  • websites that are disguised as legitimate sites or web locations that contain malicious content.
  • web browsers that promise fast connection and download speeds without keeping a high security level.
  • browser (or application) vendors which are late in discovering and patching security vulnerabilities. We have already covered this issue regarding the applications’ slow patching process in this article.
  • drive-by downloads, which imply that some downloaded software packages are bundled with another application or program which may prove dangerous for system’s security and stability.
  • programs and applications downloaded and installed on the system without having the possibility of receiving security patches.
  • questionable websites that ask the user to install and enable additional features so that malicious content may be downloaded on the system.
  • users that lack the necessary knowledge to configure and secure their web browsers.
  • web browsers’ vulnerabilities, which become a favorite means for online criminals to exploit and compromise operating systems.
answered Oct 18, 2015 by dhakshanamurthy
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No, its not safe browsing at an unknown internet cafe.

-try using VPN(virtual private network) connections to ensure safety and secure details.

try this  link: http://www.vpngate.net/en/

-usage of incognito supported browsers.

-clear history and cookies.

-make sure that no key loggers were installed.

-check whether firewall is active or not.

hope u got the answer :P
answered Oct 18, 2015 by vimal
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always use TOR  browser while surfing the internet on the cyber cafe. if this browser is not working properly than i suggest use on screen keyword if you use any internet banking

answered Jul 11, 2017 by sachinyadav123
i assume you suggested keyboard rather keyword
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Purchase internet security sotware,

cookies and cache are turned off
answered Oct 18, 2015 by mahindhar
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After the session is over clearing all the history , cache and saved password

Before starting the session ensure that cache and saved password is unchecked under security

use incognito( private browser) browser after completing browsing. Start-run-%temp% clear files
answered Oct 18, 2015 by kishor93
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Cache and cookie are off



"Purchase" online transaction security software

NEVER save password on browser

Two step security (as in  Gmail)

See that no one's spying on you

Last one don't trust anyone with ur PIN and passwords,
....even ur girlfriend
answered Oct 18, 2015 by Gaurav
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the Best way is to use INCOGNITO window by clickin ctrl+shift+N.... dis is for google chrome browser as it is very easy to access
answered Oct 18, 2015 by mayura0621
Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit.