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We have been taught in schools that opposite poles attract and same poles repel but what is the reason behind the same ? enggforum making me thing reason behind everything :) Guys whats you view on the question...
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asked Oct 27, 2015 in Physics by jiya | 172 views
am not sure ,but answer may be related to some magnetic fulx or energy stored in a material

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The force of magnetism is concentrated around the ends — called poles — of magnets. Each magnet  has two poles: the north pole and the south pole.

For example,opposite poles attract each other. That pulling force of attraction you feel as magnets stick to each other is the north pole of one magnet drawing the south pole of another magnet toward it. Identical poles will repel (push away) each other. So when it comes to magnets, opposites really do attract!

Do you know of anything else that has a North pole and a South pole? If you said “Earth,” you’re right! Earth contains lots of magnetic metals that make the planet itself act like a  humongous magnet. That’s why we can use a compass to find which way is north: the magnetic needle on a compass is drawn toward the magnetic North pole!

Magnets hold refrigerator and cabinet doors closed. They also read and write data on your computer’s hard drive. If you listen to an MP3 player through headphones, those sounds you hear are thanks to tiny magnets that turn digital music into sound. Magnets are all around you every day, and they help make your life better in many ways you probably never imagined!
answered Oct 27, 2015 by ntece
but my question is why they attract ?
this does not answer question..