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Recently i bought a laptop,what are the things i should keep in mind to improve battery life ?


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Maintenance of a battery :

1. Remove the battery from the notebook and disconnect the power adapter when the notebook will not be in use for more than two weeks. Since the battery pack will discharge over time in storage, it must be charged every three months to extend cycle capacity or else it may fail to charge or hold power in the future.
2. The battery should be stored at a temperature range between 10℃ and 30℃. You must take into account that the notebook PC's internal temperature is higher than the outside temperature. Any temperature below this range would decrease battery performance. Operating the battery at a higher temperature increases the risk of a battery explosion.
3. The battery typically has a lifespan of between 300 and 500 cycles under normal usage and operating conditions. Using the notebook PC in a higher or lower ambient temperature affects the total number of cycles in the battery's service life.
4. Do not store the battery pack in a damp or cold environment! Moisture or a cold environment might speed up the discharge rate. The chemical ingredients inside the battery might degrade when exposed to low temperatures. 
5. Avoid frequently plugging and unplugging the power adapter to extend the battery's lifetime.
Extending Battery Life :
  • Dim the display brightness.
  • Limit the performance of the processor (CPU) by adjusting the scroll bar to “Maximum processor state” and “Minimum processor state”. Reducing processor activity can reduce power consumption.*
  • Turn off devices/hardware components not in use.
  • Enable the auto power saving setting ( Dim the display brightness, Turn off display, Sleep after ) to reduce power consumption.
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