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Why does solar panels are much costly ?
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asked Nov 24, 2015 in Electrical by django | 107 views

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Solar energy is what will power us in future , at the moment we do not have the technology efficient enough to convert all the solar energy to electrical or heat energy .

With this introduction , let me continue to soalr panels.

They are rectangular or square shaped panels which allows light to fall on the metal inside it (for heat energy) or on a photovoltaics material (for electrical energy).

Construction of solar panel is hard and need precision , it contains a layer of insulation which will reduce the loss then photovoltaic material which will  release electrons resulting in current generation then a glass surface . All these things are costly especially photovoltaic material you can not just put any metal and expect it to generate enough electrical energy you need to have the specific material which is semiconductor material . This being the major cost increasing factor but one other factor is also there the installation charges , you need to fix or install the panel so that it covers maximum solar energy which is at 45degree from ground .

All these Increases the cost and the maintenance is also high cost as there are sensitive material inside it .

answered Feb 27, 2019 by Sahil Nain
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Solar is a clean source of energy long considered too expensive, So the solar panels are more expensive based on their types and efficiency........
answered Nov 25, 2015 by ntece
Your answer is unclear.and it doesnt answer the question with a strong reason.